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Our business is to protect your privacy against all modern means of technical espionage:
  • Radio technical espionage
  • Optical espionage
  • Acoustic espionage
  • IT-based espionage
  • UAV based espionage
We offer following products and services:
  • Threat analysis, consulting and planning of protection against espionage and sabotage
  • TSCM- Technical Surveillance Counter Measures sweep with optional remote services 24/7
  • TSCM- Training
  • Radioinspector- software for 24/7 Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)
  • Advanced USG- SDR- receivers, optimized for IQ- processing with Radioinspector software
  • WIFI- monitoring and analyzis systems for TSCM
  • USG- Marksman software for advanced optical multisensor sensor systems
  • Optical and RF modules for drone defense
  • Secure VSAT- networks and solutions

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