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Advanced Wi-Fi Spectrum Analyzis System


USG Wi-Fi Guardian

Wi-Fi Guardian is  a portable security solution, designed for 24/7 automatic audit and intrusion detection in Wi-Fi networks. System consists of hardware unit equipped with sensitive Wi-Fi boards. The system can be operated as a single system with Windows 10 software or together with several devices in an IP network.

Key hardware features
  • Secure TCP/IP based remote control allows installation of radio receiver far from operator
  • External detachable omnipol and/or directional antennas
  • Multiple Wi-Fi boards for fast parallel scanning
  • Support for individual control of boards
  • Detachable USB storage for sensitive information
  • External LED indication of operational mode
  • IEEE 802.11ac and 80211ax (Wi-Wi6) compliant & backward compatible with 802.11a/b/g/n/ax 3x3 MIMO Technology
  • Current location can be read from GPS sensor connected to laptop
Key software features
  • Separate configurations saved for different areas of operation
  • Live display of active Wi-Fi equipment in range, including Access Points, connected clients and not connected clients
  • All detailed information about device operation which is possible to get without decryption
  • Power levels monitoring
  • Possibility to scan all available channels or focus on specific channel
  • Possibility to work in 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz bands and Wi-Fi6
  • Highly flexible Wi-Fi devices classification system, which allows to:
  • Classify detected device as TARGET, FRIEND or UNDEFINED
  • Time and day of week based rules
  • Global or Access Point scope rules
  • Configurable Default policy
  • Possibility to configure individual sound alarm for specific rules
  • Response system with separate configurable actions for FRIENDS, TARGETS and UNDEFINED
  • Configurable sound alarm
  • Event logging and filtering
  • Report system capable of:
    Display events from custom time span
    Rebuild of “Live display” as it was displayed for selected time in the past
    Power track graph for selected period of time, indicating target movements
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